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Maja Darija Škrljak

Maja Darija Škrljak is a human resources consultant and educator with an international experience in delivering education and trainings. She is psychologist by profession.

Since 2009. she has facilitated learning processes for various groups and helped number of people to strengthen their personal and professional competences.

Maja Darija attended number of professional educations in Europe and United States, from the area of professional development, coaching and management. She is holding a certificate PECB ISO 9001 Lead Implementor.

Today, she is leading a consulting company she started in Croatia in 2013. She strongly stands for development, strengthening of capacities and support in management through education and fulfilling the potential for individuals, teams and organization who aspire to reach a new level of work and performance.

Dita Mozge

I am a young professional in the field of traineeship and non-formal education. For the last six years I have devoted myself to personal development and educational opportunities within EU grant programs. I have been creating, leading and coordinating self-development training courses, experience exchange programs and developing opportunities for youth and youth workers around Europe. 

Additionally, I developed myself as a leader - taking self-management, life coaching, traineeship, leadership through hand-on experience and courses. I honestly believe that life-long learning is the future of the education system.

The time spent in the sector of non-formal education I found my passion for human resources; my work is driven by the beauty of creating strong teams and supporting individuals in reaching their full potential. 

As the stress in workplaces is growing and depression level are skyrocketing my focus has switched from the youth sector to the business sector. I believe that small but systematic changes in the systems of how human resources are managed in businesses together with supporting the employees self-awareness process can create more efficient and healthy work environment.