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Dita Mozge

Leadership coach, team coach and development trainer.

My methods are based on experiential learning and client-based development plan. To create positive change, I often challenge the client's thought process, evoking the ability to find creative solutions. I encourage my clients to act and develop the ability to learn from mistakes. As sometimes all it takes to create a breakthrough is to make the first step.
I started my professional path as a coach and development trainer six years ago when I found my passion for supporting others in reaching their goals and become more successful in what they do. Since then I have supported, coordinated, and delivered educational programs in different non-profit organizations on topics like life coaching, traineeship, well-being, motivation, team management, project coordination, and leadership. I studied life coaching, team coaching, traineeship, mentoring, and leadership in different courses around Europe thought the six years. In addition to my formal education of multimedia communication and design, I have recently started a new formal education journey to become a business psychologist.