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Stress Management

Every third worker of European Union suffers from consequences of stress in workplace. The consequences of exposure to stress at workplace are critical both for employee and organization. Stress directly impacts physical and mental health of the individuals, and it is even connected to increase of depression among the working population. In the level of the organizations, the effect of stress exposure is measured by the days of medical leave, absenteeism, decrease of revenue, lowered productivity, and it brings enormous economical loss. In the interest of the organizations is to adopt strategy of successful stress management so they would reduce the negative consequences of stress. In stress prevention at workplace, successful organizations encourage their employees in development of skills for stress management at workplace and grow supporting organizational culture. The ultimate goal would be to minimize the risks of stress, and to support the development of the successful organizations based on healthy relationships and happy employees. 

In SYCNHRO LOGOS we have developed stress management programs tailored specifically to your needs. Programs include both stress management on the level of the organizations and stress management on the level of individuals.

Stress management programs are designed to impact three levels of stress. In the first step, we impact the prevalence of stressors and work to diminish the negative consequences of it on the organization and its people. In the second step, we work to prevent the unnecessary stress, to develop supporting organizational culture and building individual resistance to stress. In the third step we help to develop healthy systems within the organizations and in the development of employees’ skills in coping with stressful situations.

You should be interested in this program if you want to work in prevention of negative consequences of stress in workplace and if you want to:

• improve health and well-being of all employees

• demonstrate the awareness and understanding for the modern challenges in workplace

• assure desirable working places where you take care of the health and the well-being of the employees

• offer the value od the working place that exceeds awards and recognition, and by that assure the high retention of the competent staff

• to prevent economical losses caused by uncontrolled risks of stress exposure at the workplace

• profit from highly motivating work setting and healthy atmosphere.

If you have registered a change in any of the following indicators in your company, you should urgently conduct the analysis of stress assessment at workplace in your organization:  

• Your company has gone through significant changes in the last year, the ones that have considerably impacted the organizational structure and team composition

• You have frequent conflicts among employees

• You have noticed the increase of absenteeism and significantly more days of a sick leave

• The motivation has dropped, and you measure lower productivity

• Employees repeatedly indicate work overload with objectively justified reasons.

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