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Strategic Planning of Human Resources

Business growth and development is tightly connected with increase of the number of employees and human resources development. Companies that have grown extremely in short period of time have problems due to rapid increase of the number of employees and unpreparedness for human resource management. Companies with immense business potential should assure the necessary business structure and foreseen the communication and interaction in that structure.

Implementation of human resource management means systematic and strategical goal setting of human resources based on the strategic goals of the company. 

Strategy of human resources answers the questions:

• What king of employees we need to have in order to accomplish the strategic goals of the organization?

• What knowledge, skills and attitudes (competences) we can select for our company by quality selection process, and what knowledge, skills and attitudes we need to support to develop in our employees?

• In what way and by which methods could we reach the candidates for the open positions?

• In what way and by which methods we could define the profile of the candidates to assure they fit to profile of the employee we look for the certain position?

• How to assure the good start for the new hires?

• How to motivate, and how to reward the employees?

• How to manage performance, and how to reward accordingly?

• What are the risks in human management, and how to lower that risks?

• How to manage the significant changes in operations and change in general, and how to minimalize the resistance?

• How to build healthy and supporting relations among employees?

• How to ensure safety in workplace?

• What are the legal requirements in HR administration and how to fulfill them?

• How to manage stress at workplace and prevent the burn-out?

• How to retain the good employees?

• How to stimulate productivity, and maintain the high level of health and well-being among the employees?

And other answers related to the most valuable resource you have - your people!

Strategic human resources planning for newly established or emerging companies

If you are a newly established company or an emerging company, you have the luxury of setting the human resources in the right way from the start.

For newly established companies and emerging companies is a right moment to start with a strategic human resource planning if:

• You are not familiar with Labor Law and other relevant regulations

• You plan to hire

• You need to select the appropriate staff for the business

• You are not familiar with HR practices in human resource management, and you are not sure what you need

• You are under time pressure

• You need staff for setting the operations

• You want to minimalize the risks and mistakes in human resource management from the start

• You want to optimize the time and save the money

Setup the human resources strategy for your business!

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Strategic human resources planning for existing companies

You have established some of the HR processes through work and experience. You realize many of the things function well, but you also see area for improvement. Great! We are here for you.

Strategic human resources planning is for you if:

• You have a fast-growing number of people in one sector or the whole company

• There is a significant fluctuation of employees

• You are not really managing the human resources, you are only fulfilling the legal minimum of HR administration

• You expect or plan the change in ownership or management of the company

• You want to reward your people in an appropriate way

• Organizational structure does not correspond to structure in reality

• There is an increased number of mistakes due to communication problems and conflicts

• You have noticed lowered efficiency of individuals and teams

• You want to support development of new knowledge and skills with your employees

• You want to change the organizational culture

Get rid of the challenges of human resource management in one move!

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