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Selection and Employment

Successful human resource management starts with quality selection of employees. Well organized selection process and experience that candidate has from the first contact with a company can be a strong encouragement for joining the company later.

Your company should leverage the selection process for communicating the values of the company and brand, so you would attract the candidates that will fit into organizational culture more likely. Quality selection is the one that connects your organizational needs with the profile (skills, potential, experience) of the candidate.

Attracting the right candidates

In order to attract the ideal candidate for a position in your company, it is necessary to make the analysis of a workplace and work setting. We make the “ideal candidate” profile based on criteria of the work and your input. In this step we definite the channels of communication with a group of your ideal candidates. Selection process and criteria of choosing are well defines before the announcement of job openings.

Selection process

Selection process is objective, professional and efficient way of selecting ideal candidate for a certain workplace. Selection process may consist from multiple selection rounds, defined in an earlier step.

Methods of selection process:

• Interview

• Knowledge examination

• Psychological Assessment

• Assessment centres

• Other.

Selection process is conducted in congruence with the profession, with absolute protection of rights and dignity of candidates and confidentiality.

In SYNCHRO LOGOS we take care of the candidates’ experience, from planning the employment until the final selection and employment.

Take the necessary steps to engage the right people to accomplish strategic goals of your organization. Don’ bring yourself in the situation that you have nobody to realize your projects with.

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