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Psychological Assessment

You are interested to find out who from the job candidates will respond the best to the requirements of the job and, at the same time, fit best to your team?

You have an open manager position in your company, and you want to detect who from the present team members would be best to take that responsibility?

You have noticed that some of the team members stagnate at work, and you are looking possibilities to motivate them?

You question if some employees have taken too much tasks and responsibilities on themselves, and you want to prevent their burn-out?

Psychological assessment is a set of processes to examining personality, attitudes, competences and behaviors of groups and individuals.

Psychological assessment is run by standardized psychological tests, interviews and observation.

Psychological assessment allows us to examine:

  • Personality traits
  • Personality and attitudes in working environment
  • Cognitive abilities (numeric, special, technic, verbal)
  • Intelligence 
  • Knowledge (general, specific)

In selection process

In selection process, the results of psychological testing and assessment help to detect the level of a match between the candidate and the organization. The results give the perspective of how successful candidate might be at work and how he or she would fit the organization. Cognitive abilities, personality and knowledge are assessed most often in selectin processes.

In monitoring the progress

In monitoring the progress of the employee in workplace, the results of psychological testing and assessment helps in detecting unrealized potential, possible limitation of the employees such as: the level of burn-out, motivation for accomplishment, emotional intelligence, leadership style, as well as it is possible to detect the needs for education and training. 

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