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Employee Development and Education

Employee development and education is part of the human resource strategy in companies. The strategy of employee development in companies you assure the necessary skills of your people needed to realize projects and accomplish the strategic coals of business. The organizations that offer opportunities to develop skills and gain competences to their employees record the higher retention of the employees, higher motivation and higher satisfaction of employees. Motivated, skilled, and competent employees create more quality interrelations, they are more productive, they have more impactful communication with clients and users, and they better communicate the values of your brand.

Do you know in which competences you want to invest in, in order to be ready for the future challenges? Do you know how to benefit from the existing knowledge and experience in the company and ensure the transfer of it within the company? Do you wish to measure the progress in a certain activity and be sure you are not wasting your resources for nothing? You have already detect the areas you wish to develop in your employees and you need a plan?

Employee development strategy serves to fulfill the goals of human resources, all in order to accomplish the strategic goals of the organizations.

Employee development may include the following activities:

  • Work-based learning
  • Mentorship system
  • Skills training
  • Professional trainings and education 
  • Individual coaching 
  • Team and group activities


Interpersonal skills and cooperation

- Communication skills

- Self-leading skills

- Mastery of emotions

- Working style

- Conflict management

- Giving and receiving feedback

- Business manners

- Personal accountability

- Teamwork and cooperation

Management skills

- Time management and priorities

- Delegating

- Conducting meetings

- Team management

- Conflict resolution

- Dealing with stress

- Decision making

- Presentation skills

- Influence

Health and Well-being

- Stress management at workplace

- Mental health

- Physical health

- Emotional stability

- Private and professional life balance

- Power of Habits

- Healthy choices

Individual Coaching

The same as with sportsman or great artists, excellent managers and leaders become excellent and achieve results through awareness and practice. One, without another is not enough.

SYNCHRO LOGOS offers individual coaching support for team leaders, managers and leaders in organizations so they would accelerate their development and create grater impact in their work.

Individual Coaching is a partnership for learning and development between the Coach and You, the leader or the manager. Coaching is focused on your professional challenges, and it helps you to solve the complex questions you live in. Conversations are confidential, tailor-made for your needs, learning preferences and style, designed to challenge you towards your goals.

Expected results of Employee Development Plan and education are:

• Increased employee satisfaction and motivation at work

• Discovering new talents

• Increased efficiency in work

• Strengthen ability to accept new processes and technologies

• Higher engagement rate

• Lowered risk of good employees leaving the company

• Strengthen transfer of knowledge within the company

• Stronger brand

• Increased competitiveness of the company

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