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SYNCHRO LOGOS company offers all-inclusive service in human resources management for small and middle size companies. We support our clients in job systematization, selection and assessment of job candidates, on-boarding of new hires, communication plan, performance management, training and development and other, all with a purpose of speeding the flow of inner processes, optimization of work flow, increasing the job satisfaction and strengthening the competitiveness of the company. 


A HR  Partner in creating successful organizations of happy and healthy people.


To create quality in business and impact the development of people na organization through education with a goal of encouraging positive social changes and prosperity for all.

Values of SYNCHRO LOGOS are consisted in our name and the brand of the company:

• Synchro, synchronicity, harmony, trust

In mechanics, when generator is connected to a motor, the motor assumes the positions identical to the generator. They get synchronized. Synchronicity works in opposite directions as well, from the motor to the generator.

In organizations, each change impacts all its employees and all the people they get in contact with. Initiatives start form any of the part of the organization and have the impact on the whole system.

Through our programs and services, we are a powerful generator with a purpose to create a value for organizations and their people directly, and business community and society indirectly.

• Logos, principle, word, integrity, transparency

Integrity for us is a practice of honesty, an ongoing choice of following the ethics and moral values of profession and business. For us the integrity is the coherence between what we say an what we do.

SYNCHRO LOGOS represents commitment to learning and improvement, professionalism, focus on constructive solutions, ongoing progress and creating a positive impact in the whole society.

The company is approved for conducting psychological services by Croatian Psychological Chamber.