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HR Packages

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All – inclusive service of human resources management tailor-made for your needs, as if you would have your own HR department. Profit from high-quality psychological, legal and accountancy support in human resource management, all at one place! Save your time, keep your resources, show leadership!

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You have recognized all the benefits of systemic human resource management and you show it in practice. This package is ideal for companies from 10-30 employees, that are big enough to have the needs for human resource management but haven’t got their HR departments.

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Ideal set of services for small companies up to 10 employees. Let us take your worries on HR administration, selection, hiring and onboarding. Profit from yearly educations for your employees and direct support in human resources management!

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HR Services

Program designed to meet your needs and desired outcome

Strategic Planning of Human Resources

Through experience, you have adopted some of the HR practices that you use, but recognize that this is not enough then you need support in leading and organizing people to achieve strategic goals? Or are you an emerging company and striving to set human resources in a systematic and strategic way? Contact us.

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Selection and Employment

Want to make the selection and recruitment process easier? Do you have enough time wasting too much talk, misjudgments and early drop-offs? Want quality solutions for your team? Save time and resources, opt for a professionally managed selection process for your business!

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Learning and Development

Employee competencies are directly related to the achievement of business results. Employees whose development and education are invested are more motivated and satisfied with the job and have better results. Learn how you can support the development of students in your organizations.

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Performance Management

Interested in increasing employee engagement at work and positively influencing their motivation? Want to recognize and properly reward employees who perform better and do more? Want to strengthen employees' understanding of how their work contributes to organizational goals?

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Career Counseling and Transition / Outplacement

Your company goes through transition period and is forced to reconstruction and reduction of the number of employees? This service helps the organization to decrease the negative consequences of changes in the company while the employees are supported in continuing their careers more rapidly.

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Psychological Assessment

Interested in finding out which of your job applicants will best meet the requirements of that job and fit into your work team at the same time? Want to support your employee in taking on more responsible functions in the company? Decide on the psychological evaluation of candidates and employees.

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